Making Sense of the Building and Property Market in uncertain times


Dr. Llewellyn B. Lewis, Principal Consultant, BMI Building Research Strategy Consulting Unit cc says  that it is always important to try and make sense of the environment using whatever information comes to hand. Particularly useful are strategic conversations with diverse people of various background, expertise, connections and world views

 "Our Strategic Forum is such a place of assembly for strategic conversations".

"Another way to challenge mindsets is by reading books by writers that think outside the box. There are many such books but they must be read with an open mind in order to see how it can inform, or be applied to a better understanding of the environment or industry.
A classic book in this category is “The Age of the Unthinkable” by Joshua Cooper Ramo (2009).  In his book Ramo puts forth a revolutionary new model for thinking about – and thriving in – this world of the unpredictable. Fundamental to this way of thinking is the ability to see early and weak signals of change and to translate them to your own environment".

"Early on in the book Ramo asks the question:
• If we had to think about the nature of our global financial markets all over again, how would we change what we did and did not do?"

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