Monday, 08 October 2012 07:42

Property vs commercial in space fight

THE commercial property market will increasingly need to compete against the residential property market for land, according to Francois Viruly, property economist and head of property studies at the University of Cape Town.

The approval of a R59 million finance deal by Nedbank Corporate Property Finance to Keyaborona Shopping Centre (Pty) Ltd will see the small mining town of Bapong in Rustenburg receive an economic boost as a result of the development of a new 10 000m2 retail centre near Rustenburg in the North West province. 

While it was generally expected that there would be an uptick in the commercial property sector in the fourth quarter of this year, it seems this recovery will now be delayed until the first and second of next year – at least.

Wednesday, 26 September 2012 10:52

Montague Park, Cape Town sees industrial take up

Improvon, a leading industrial and commercial property investment company, reports on prominent, multinational tenants to occupy its flagship development, Montague Park

After more than half a decade of construction moratoriums, Kimberley is once again seeing the start of significant commercial property development thanks to the commencement of construction on the Montrio Corporate Park in the popular Monument Heights area of the city

Johannesburg’s inner city and surrounds continue to show signs of regeneration. Slowly but surely the streets really are being taken back by a number of dedicated and insightful players.

Wednesday, 11 July 2012 17:00

The Property Decade

Over the last 10 years ungeared investment property in South Africa, whether this be listed or unlisted, delivered astounding compound total returns of 407%. This performance is well ahead of other asset classes with equities delivering 314% total returns over the last decade, bonds 208% and cash 135%. However, there are rough waters ahead which need to be carefully navigated

It claims to be the lightning capital of world, but however dubious this title may be, Johannesburg has avoided being struck by the global property crash as its offices, shops and warehouses outperformed those in every other global city outside of South Africa over the last decade. Analogous to a tale of 'havens' and 'have-nots', commercial property is a key measure of economic vitality, since strong retail, leisure and industrial performance encourages investors such as pension funds to buy up buildings to earn income through rental income and capital value increases

Wednesday, 06 June 2012 12:49

Kenilworth redevelopment aids renewal

A prominent and well positioned site on the corner of Summerley and Main Roads in Kenilworth, Cape Town, is being redeveloped into a prime AAA grade commercial property which is expected to act as a catalyst for urban renewal in the area. Owned and developed by the Pam Golding Property group ‘Pam Golding on Main’ will comprise 4100sqm of offices and retail space, as well as 129 parking bays on two floors of secure, undercover parking. 

Drawing on its expertise and experience as the market leader in the commercial property finance industry, Nedbank Corporate Property Finance Cape has tailored a custom-made finance deal for Ingenuity Property Investments Limited

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