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Looking for suburban bliss or a vibrant urban hub? here’s how to enjoy the best of both

Posted On Monday, 16 August 2021 14:56 Published by
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Location is a key consideration when choosing where to live or invest in property, say Anton Hartmann and Tyron Baird, of HB Realty.


“As a buyer, you need to decide whether you want to live in an urban hub where you can make the most of a vibrant nightlife and other activities or opt for a suburban lifestyle with a choice of excellent schools and leisure amenities.”

There are suburbs that offer the best of both, with property options to suit all budgets. “Sandown, tucked between Morningside and Sandton in Gauteng, is a good example of an area with various property options, including new developments, that afford ample opportunity for young professionals and families to enjoy a secure, world-class lifestyle that is not only desirable, but accessible,” says Baird.

More than 44% of recent buyers in Sandown are between the ages of 18 and 35 according to recent data, says Baird. “These are most likely young professionals and first-time buyers. Meanwhile, 38% are between the ages of 36 and 49. “Interestingly, this age group makes up the lion’s share of recent sellers, suggesting that Sandown is an attractive springboard for growing families as they transition from an apartment to a larger home with a private garden,” he says. “They are able to acquire the additional space they need to accommodate their changing needs, without too much budgetary adjustment.” 

Baird suggests the following six key benefits of living in a centrally located suburb close to a thriving commercial hub:

  1. Value for money

Residential property prices tend to increase the closer one gets to a commercial hub. So, bear in mind that there are nearby suburbs that offer similar benefits without the premium price tag. “Sandown, as an example, offers the same prime location and access to top schools and popular amenities as its neighbours, but its house prices are more accessible,” explains Baird. “Also, with interest rates at their lowest in 55 years, now is an ideal time to invest in property.”      

  1. Peace of mind

Safety is always a priority, so opt for developments that offer additional security measures, says Baird. Look for developments and homes within a boomed neighbourhood that also provide            perimeter electric fencing, CCTV surveillance, armed response or a panic button linked to an off-site response room. When deciding on where to buy, find out if the property falls within an improvement district with additional services to ensure a clean and safe environment.

  1. Return on investment

If you are buying an investment property, it’s worth finding out more about the rental market and the area’s potential return on investment, says Baird. Conveniently close to Sandton and the Gautrain, Sandown has a robust rental market. Priced more competitively than some of its neighbours, it offers excellent security and proximity to work and schools. “There are developments that in terms of size and features, versus price, offer value for money in an area that is certain to offer a considerable return on investment,” says Baird. “Look for a development or property with competitive price points that will make it an appealing investment option at a time when many higher-priced rental properties are standing empty.”

  1. Suburban bliss

Most families moved to the suburbs to be close to a choice of prestigious schools. But there are areas that offer residential convenience, without diminishing any of the appeal of urban living, says Baird. Many suburbs have an array of shopping centres and entertainment spots, as well as top-notch medical facilities. These areas have become flourishing nodes within their own rights, and offer many of the same retail and commercial opportunities as their more established neighbours.

  1. Quality of life

The pandemic has impacted housing preferences, with quality of life becoming increasingly important, says Baird. “Homeowners’ priorities have changed. More people are now working from home, so excellent fibre and internet connectivity have become non-negotiable. Many have turned to pets for companionship during lockdown, so we are seeing a strong demand for properties and developments that allow animals.” These properties usually have a secure garden, or access to a green belt.

  1. Virtual reality

The pandemic has not only changed where and how we live, but also the manner in which we decide on where we live, says Hartmann. “There’s been a global shift to a greater reliance on technology, with more people interacting virtually rather than in person. We are seeing similar trends in the property sector, where it is now possible to view site plans, meet with agents and even enjoy a tour of a development site, online.” He adds: “Virtual appointments and meetings make it possible to appraise a development from the comfort of your living room.” When meetings do take place in person, ensure that all safety protocols are in place, he adds.

“With new developments, such as The Finn in Sandown, offering exceptional value for money in sought-after suburbs, it really has become possible to enjoy the best of both worlds — the comfort of living in a secure area with a strong sense of community, while being close to world-class amenities within a vibrant hub,” concludes Baird.

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