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Balwin Properties Limited marks success of Sub-Saharan Africa’s only Crystal Lagoons amenity

Posted On Monday, 11 November 2019 18:50 Published by
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Balwin Properties Limited (Balwin) in conjunction with Crystal Lagoons B.V. (Crystal Lagoons) recently marked a year since the successful introduction of the Crystal Lagoons brand into the South African market.


Crystal Lagoons first, and only, lagoon in sub-Saharan Africa, was launched at the Blyde Estate in Pretoria East last year. Balwin, through its partnership with Crystal Lagoons, has created a unique development complete with a beach setting featuring white sands and clear blue water.

The Blyde Estate gives its residents the ultimate lifestyle option of living near the world’s top amenity – a clear water lagoon powered by Crystal Lagoons technology. The Blyde Estate was recognised at the recent Africa and Arabia Property Awards where it received awards in the "Leisure Architecture" and "Leisure development for South Africa” categories.

Balwin is currently the only property developer in South Africa with a license to operate from Crystal Lagoons.

Balwin’s CEO, Steve Brookes, says: “Our partnership with Crystal Lagoons is a game changer for us. Our customers recognise that the quality offered by Crystal Lagoons is unrivalled in South Africa.

This is a key differentiator and selling point for us at The Blyde Estate and we remain the only property developer in sub-Saharan Africa able to deliver this world-class product to our customers. I am immensely proud of what we have achieved here as it ticks several boxes – a quality product that is environmentally friendly and delivers value for money for our customers.”

The only Crystal Lagoons amenity in sub-Saharan Africa With 5 international offices and over 600 projects in various stages of operation and development in 60 countries around the world, Crystal Lagoons has developed a pioneering, innovative, and environmentally sustainable technology that has been patented and trademarked worldwide.

It has created the world’s top amenity in the form of clear lagoons of unlimited size, which can be built and maintained at very low costs anywhere in the world as it uses minimal chemicals and energy.
Water Usage and maintenance at The Blyde

Regional Director for Africa at multinational water innovation company Crystal Lagoons, Alastair Sinclair says, “A big positive for us in South Africa is that the water usage of a crystalline lagoon has far less impact than a swimming pool. We can use any type of water - ground water, saltwater and even brackish water.”

Crystal Lagoons’ water treatment technology offers several environmental advantages over traditional water treatment and filtration technologies as it operates in a closed circuit, minimising the use of scarce resources such as water and energy and providing a sustainable and environmentally friendly solution.

The evaporation of water can be reduced by as much as 50% using evaporation control film technology, which means that a lagoon does not have to be regularly topped up with water as is the case with a swimming pool and other lagoons. In fact, in some areas, rainwater alone fulfils these requirements.

Conventional swimming pool technology, seen in other lagoons, requires maintaining high levels of residual chlorine or other disinfectants in the water, to achieve permanent disinfection and avoid contamination. Maintaining such high levels of chemicals is not only costly but can also be harmful to the environment.

“Crystal Lagoons patented solution involves applying controlled pulses of small amounts of oxidants in the water, in very specific patterns determined through sensors and injectors strategically located around the lagoon, monitored and managed online from our global Crystal Lagoons Control Centre,” reiterates Sinclair.

He continues, “At Crystal Lagoons we embrace the success of our partners and this first project in subSaharan Africa, The Blyde, is not the exception, with which whom we have shared a sensational past year.”
Steve Brookes, CEO, adds:

“Balwin’s developments appeal to couples investing in their first home, retired people looking for safe lock-up and go apartments, young families who can let their children be children, and to investors who are attracted by the return on investment that the developments offer.

Our developments offer customers the option of a 1-, 2- or 3-bedroom unit. Having a lagoon in place makes what is already a great offering that much better, especially in Pretoria, which is not close to a beach or large body of water. We will be focusing on more developments with Crystal Lagoons in the future”.

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