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Gautrain Proving Popular

Posted On Friday, 12 April 2013 12:19 Published by eProp Commercial Property News
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South Africa’s only rapid rail system, the Gautrain, is proving popular with passenger demand increasing by 60% since a year ago.

GautrainApproximately 48 000 passengers used the Gautrain every week day, with 20 000 Gautrain riders utilising the bus service as well. This number is encouraging for getting cars off the road as South Africa seeks to rid traffic congestion and reduce car emissions.

The Gautrain remains far more punctual than well-recognised global systems such as the London Tube. In terms of customer satisfaction, the Gautrain also beats its London counterpart.

But the Gautrain has not been without its fair share of issues. Cable theft has proven a major problem, causing sporadic interruptions to service. Management has vowed to tackle the issue through an increase in security personel and the installation of CCTV cameras, as well as high fencing along railway lines. Government has also given the problem special attention, with some even suggesting that cable theft be classified as an act of terrorism. It is hoped that harsher punishment under the law will act as a deterrent to would-be offenders.

Currently, the Gautrain could generate revenue of about R55-million a month, but needs to pay the operating company about R80-million a month. It is estimated that the Gautrain could just about break even if it doubles its passenger numbers to about 100 000 a day. The government had to subsidise any shortfall between revenue derived and operating costs.

The Gautrain has had a positive effect on the Gauteng commercial property market, resulting in increases in land values along the network and a number of new developments spurred by easy access to the system.

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